The Fresh Pin Set


It’s funny as you get older how much the stuff that influenced you as a kid sticks with you. My favourite show growing up was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s one of those extremely rare shows that fused humour with valuable life lessons in a way that was cool. I re-watched the show in it’s entirety two winters ago and 20 years later the show is somehow better.

At the same time I was re-living my child hood I began noticing a niche trend in street wear: enamel pins. Being someone who really enjoys product development I got an idea. The project was called “The Fresh Prince Set”, an enamel pin set inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel air theme song. I was a one man wrecking crew, responsible for everything needed to bring the project to market, including conceptualization, design, all photos, video, writing, strategizing, and PR. Oh, and the dumb promotional video below

The project was run on Kickstarter and launched on September 2nd 2015. 31 days later the project was officially funded. Along the way I got some cool exposure on some pin specific Instagram pages, Kickstarter called it a “project they love” and complex magazine wrote an article about the project. Funds from the Kickstarter helped put the project through the final phase: production. I got some extras made and now sell them on Etsy. This project proves that binge watching shows on Netflix can in fact, be productive.